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Fellowes initially intended for Mrs Hughes to be a Yorkshire native. Molesley gains access to the Bateses cottage and finds a picture of Bates; he and Baxter use it as they travel around York's pubs to find out which pub Bates had been to the day Green died. However, relatively quickly, the mystery is solved as another of Green's victims comes forward and confesses to his murder. When the Crawleys manage to reduce Bates's sentence to life imprisonment, she decides to stay at Downton, although she vows that she will not rest until Bates is free. While John is in prison, Anna is able to track down a neighbour of Vera's who saw her on the day of her death. Eventually Mary breaks off the engagement to him after the pair argue with increased frequency, and after Lord Grantham discovers the truth from Lady Grantham and advises Mary not to be unhappy with someone she does not love. When he pushes into Jimmy's room, he catches Thomas Barrow in the act of trying to kiss Jimmy. Tom Branson confides in Mrs Hughes over Edna's threats. Elsie May Carson (ne Hughes) (played by Phyllis Logan) (b. Leech's audition for the role convinced Julian Fellowes to expand his role and to transform Branson into an Irishman. Daisy suggests that he could take up residence with Mrs Patmore, but Mason dislikes the idea of being retired and dependent on a woman not his wife. During the time apart from Bates, Anna refuses to fall into hopelessness or despair, though there is a brief period where this wavers, when letters and visits with her husband are stopped for a time. Edith changes her mind at the very last second, and she and Rosamund concoct a ridiculous story that they would like to take a holiday in Switzerland for a few months to "improve their French." Thomas is a closeted gay man. Molesley is not happy with the prospect, thinking it degrading to become a footman when he has been trained as a valet and butler. If listing any specific dates, please use a reference and make note of the episode or other canon source that the information comes from, including a short quote if possible. However, because of his misdiagnosis of Matthew, Robert hires a well-known doctor who strongly disagrees with Clarkson. After hearing this news, both Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes immediately agree that she has to go. She decides, with some encouragement from Mrs Patmore, to allow William his fantasy to boost his morale in battle and gives him a photo. Violet has Clarkson lie to mend their marriage. One evening Drake kisses her and Lady Edith is pleased. He helps Matthew and Mary modernise Downton. However, she eventually decides she does not want to marry any of them, providing a shock, especially for Tony. The neighbour also stated that she had seen Vera walking down the street when the gas lights had come on (she said they made a sort of "halo" around Vera's head), which would have been when Bates was already on his way back home. After she got fired, Edna manages to come back to Downton to work as Cora's lady's maid. But when learning of his status, Matthew (as the heir to Downton Abbey) instructs him to put an end to his relationship with Edith. Lieutenant-General Sir Herbert Strutt KCB, DSO (played by Julian Wadham) is a senior British Army general known as the "Hero of the Somme". Vyner then asks that Anna visit Scotland Yard for further questions during the Crawleys' stay in London. During an informal ball in the servant's hall, he dances with Daisy. In the final episode of the series, she falls for Andy Parker, the new footman who has been helping at Mr Mason's farm. Irate, she goes to Sir Richard Carlisle and sells him the story of Lady Mary, unaware that Sir Richard is engaged to Lady Mary and has no intention of publishing the story. The papers Lavinia stole inadvertently helped create the Marconi scandal. Mrs Hughes threatens to summon a doctor to examine her if she persists with her lie. He is initially reticent about his family, but mentions that his great-grandfather and his family were Russian Jews from Odessa who had emigrated to England during the 19th century and eventually anglicised their family name. When Green returns to the Abbey, Bates is further convinced of his guilt. . In the first film, Carson is called back to oversee the royal family's visit to Downton. Bates does not say much about his family or childhood, though he does mention that his late mother was Irish and he has a Scottish grandmother. Matthew Reginald Crawley (played by Dan Stevens) (18851921) is a middle-class distant cousin of the Crawleys who becomes the heir to the estate in the first episode and soon after moves to Downton. He is accompanied by his boss Charles Blake as they are working on a government project studying estates and their progress. Daisy was worried about being William's sweetheart but Mrs Patmore urged her not to send him to the front with a broken heart, saying that if she refused, he would never return. She begins an affair with Major Charles Bryant (played by Daniel Pirrie) when he is being treated at Downton while it is a temporary convalescent home. He is arrested in front of the entire Downton staff after Lavinia's funeral and is put on trial, during which some other staff members at Downton and Robert are called to testify. Bates returns to London with her to live in his mother's home but soon separates after learning that she has been unfaithful to him. He also nearly weds Edith to Anthony Strallan before he jilts her at the altar (Travis and the Dowager discussed Strallan's first wife beforehand). O'Brien, whose brother suffered from shell shock and eventually died in combat, is uncharacteristically sympathetic and kind to him. Anthony Strallan (played by Robert Bathurst) was Edith's much older suitor. On one notable occasion he wakes the staff in the middle of the night by horrifically screaming during a nightmare. Edna was somewhat of a sympathetic character, coming from nothing and doing whatever she could to scrounge up a better life for herself. In the third series, Isobel wants to hire Ethel to work alongside Mrs Bird. While he is recuperating, Jimmy comes to speak with him. She also wants her husband back since she has tried living on her own and does not like it. However, the same day, Matthew is killed in a car crash while driving home from the hospital. Bertie asks Edith to marry him the night of Charlie Rogers' death. It's not such a free place any more. Rose matures and become less self-centred. He crosses the final line when he takes Ivy out and gets a bit too familiar with her. His aunt is Sarah O'Brien, who brings him forward as a candidate for the empty post based on his previous experience as a waiter at a hotel. Edna is a former housemaid who is conniving and scheming. She uses her position to curry favour with Lady Grantham to consolidate her influence, although her actions usually benefit them both. As Bates is left helpless, Anna is escorted away to the police station having been arrested on suspicion of Green's murder. Joseph Molesley (played by Kevin Doyle) (b. Lady Sybil Cora Branson (ne Crawley; 18951920) (played by Jessica Brown Findlay) is the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham. Almost immediately, Daisy Mason falls head-over-heels in love with Alfred, but is impeded by the new kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, whom Alfred is quick to develop a crush on. But she refused him and he married a woman named Ivy and had a son, Peter. EDNA Thanks for visiting The Crossword Solver "Downton Abbey maid". However, Rosamund also supports Edith throughout Edith's unplanned pregnancy and with finding a way to raise the child. His good looks are widely commented on and attract both Mary and Thomas. An overconfident Thomas makes a snide remark that Mr Bates can do nothing to stop him only for Bates to violently grab him and shove him against the wall, proving that despite his disability he is not to be underestimated. But Edith, Mary, Matthew and Isobel defend Tom, and Mary settles the matter once and for all by revealing Sybil did not object to her child being a Catholic. They are both in competition for the top position of first footman, which Jimmy is constantly sabotaging Alfred for. Only the housemaid Anna offers him any sympathy and friendship. He drugs Tom's drink so that he appears drunk. Later, however, he is turned down as Mrs Hughes does not wish to leave Downton, but the two part on good terms. She later retracts the statement as she feels guilty and over time, her feelings for Thomas diminish and she notices that Downton's other footman, William, likes her. However, when Logan auditioned for the role, the casting directors liked her Scottish accent so much that they decided to turn Mrs Hughes into a Scot.[11]. Unable to get out of his commitment himself, Bertie's mother-in-law Cora and Queen Mary intercede on his behalf. Bates is then released from prison due to the neighbour's statement. Mrs Hughes does not approve of the way Edna has attempted to pursue Tom and says to Tom that he let Edna make him feel ashamed of his new life. He also later mentions Jimmy to Phyllis Baxter in a bout of sadness and annoyance that he's gone. Anna insists that they marry so that she will have legal rights if the worst happens. He encounters Edith during a round of grouse shooting and keeps company with her during afternoon tea and the evening festivities. Heartbroken and angered by her hesitancy, Matthew withdraws his proposal and decides to leave Downton. Problems for Anna, however, continue. At the end of the series five Christmas special Mrs Hughes has accepted Mr Carson's marriage proposal. Bates does not accept this, and insists that she alone is enough for him. Branson and Edna: Branson has adapted to his new life as Downton's agent quite well, but there are those who make him feel ashamed. Tom doesn't learn her true identity until later. She would be canned after she tried everything to derail Tom's transition to the upstairs family. Overjoyed that her husband is once again innocent, Anna then attempts to locate the untorn ticket to London, as Bates kept it in his coat as a talisman for a time, and its existence would prove Bates could not have been in London when Green was killed. O'Brien, always against Bates, writes to Vera to tell her where he is and about his and Anna's blossoming romance. Although the neighbour at first recants her story, she eventually gives a statement that clears Bates, who is freed from prison, returns to Downton, and moves into a nearby cottage with Anna. George's father Matthew is killed in a car crash the day of George's birth. Timid by nature, other characters frequently take advantage of her naivete or pull rank by tricking her or handing her the more undesirable and menial tasks. Rose becomes restless and persuades Anna into accompanying her to a dance hall in York, where Anna attracts the attention of some young men but barely escapes when a fight ensues. Amused instead of scandalised at the revelation, Grantham gently declines Carson's offer, ending the matter as a non-issue. A fanpage for the lovely Myanna Buring and her role as Edna Braithwaite on Downton Abbey. At the end of the series, Bates is livid as Inspector Vyner calls Anna into Scotland Yard as part of an identity parade. Unlike many Russian aristocrats after the Revolution, Prince Kuragin does not appear to be an anti-Semite; when he meets Atticus Aldridge and realises his family fled Odessa due to the Tsar's anti-Jewish pogroms, he tells Atticus that he is "not proud of why they chose to go.". Lord Sinderby was said to have been opposed to his marriage to Rose while his wife accepts her because "her son's happiness is more important". During the Battle of Amiens, he threw himself in front of Matthew to shield him from a shell explosion and both men were seriously wounded. Some of the family do not recognise her at first, but when they do they are surprised at her elevated status. He is a recent war veteran and suffers from severe Combat Stress Reaction (CSR, or shell shock) that causes him to be very nervous and somewhat disconnected to his surroundings. Her Aunt Rosamund finds out and accompanies her to get the abortion in London. When Bates is deemed guilty and is sentenced to be hanged, Anna breaks down and briefly prepares to leave Downton Abbey with Lady Mary, whom she is very close to, offering to accompany her mistress on an extended holiday to America, much to Mary's delight. Anna and Bates also continue the plan to sell Bates's mother's London house in order to purchase a house up north and hire it out. In the Christmas Special, she receives a letter from Alfred, implying that they keep in touch. Before she came to Downton in 1895 as head housemaid, she was courted by a farmer, Joe Burns. He believes she must have been lured into doing it, because it is not in her nature. Ethel tells Mrs Hughes that her neighbours think she is a war widow but admits that Major Bryant refuses to acknowledge that he is Charlie's father, despite Ethel and Mrs Hughes's best efforts to get him to admit paternity. Solve your "Downton Abbey maid" crossword puzzle fast & easy with the-crossword-solver.com. As a powerful and extremely wealthy noble with palaces and thousands of acres of land, he and Violet met in Saint Petersburg in 1874 while she and her husband, the then Earl of Grantham, were in the retinue of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. Mabel Lane-Fox, whom Mary refers to as "the greatest heiress of the season." Later he arranges Lavinia Swire's funeral and then the wedding for Matthew and Mary, even though the Archbishop of York performs it. Hence, she becomes sensitive and upset when confronted with the topic of war. He returns to Crawley House immediately upon Mr Carson's recovery, though he goes to the great house with Matthew Crawley to be his full-time valet after his marriage to Lady Mary. She visits him in London, and he has a cocktail party that important artists and literary figures like Virginia Woolf attend. Shortly beforehand, Thomas signs up to the Royal Army Medical Corps in an effort to avoid being sent to the frontline for the war that is soon coming. Rupert Christiansen, writing in The Telegraph, bemoaned the casting and the fact checking.[23]. Edna Braithwaite was a general maid who arrived at Downton Abbey in September 1921 and left soon after, then briefly returned as lady's maid to Lady Grantham. Downton Abbey stands as a show with great potential to become a classic for generations to come. Downton Abbey is a British historical drama television series set in the early 20th century, created and co-written by Julian Fellowes.It first aired in the United Kingdom on ITV on 26 September 2010 and in the United States on PBS, which supported its production as part of its Masterpiece Classic anthology, on 9 January 2011. Mrs Hughes has described her sister as being born "not quite right in the head" and has been privately caring for her since their mother died. In the third series, when Lady Sybil goes into labour, he sees signs that she is suffering from eclampsia and is in danger of dying from the intense seizures and distress. Although convinced that there is no evidence for anything to happen, Anna is later arrested for Green's murder. Mary tells the Bateses that their newborn son is welcome to stay at Downton's nursery during the day, as Anna wants to continue working at Downton, and that soon their son will be joined by a child of her own, as Mary is now pregnant. At the end of series five, Tom decides to leave Downton for Boston, Massachusetts with his daughter, but he eventually changes his mind and returns permanently to Downton. The end of "Downton Abbey" was, admittedly, a bit of a disappointment for Allen Leech. Downton Abbey Historical drama Drama series Television. This engagement is broken off and during the war he is injured. After failing to persuade Dr Clarkson to "bend the rules", a furious Violet manages to pull some strings to have William sent back to Downton, where he was cared for by Lady Edith. ), so she was replaced by Edna (the maid had gotten too close to Tom in Season 3). She plays the victim, and accuses him of using her, then casting her aside, and not being a man of honor. Downton Abbey is a British period drama set in the fictional Downton Abbey, Yorkshire, country house of the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. [18] Jen Chaney of Vulture ranked O'Brien as the series' second most "despicable" character. Mr Green briefly returns to Downton, and Lady Mary persuades Lord Gillingham to dismiss him, although she does not give him a reason. Gregson then has Edith sign legal papers; should anything happen to him, she will inherit his modern London apartment and the newspaper. Edna commence faire ami-ami avec Thomas, ce que lui dconseille Anna. Eventually he returns to his post as Robert's valet, and he and Anna rekindle their romance. Time skips to 29 December 1925, and Anna is shown to be close to giving birth. Mary enlists the help of Anna and Cora to move his body, which is seen by Daisy. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. At other times, Mrs Patmore becomes flustered and takes her frustration out on Daisy. She reveals the story of Anna's attack but states that the attacker was a stranger who broke into the house. She tells Anna that she remembers Vera had dried food under her fingernails, meaning that Vera made the pie herself knowing that her husband would be implicated for murder. However, in the third series, Tom and now-pregnant Sybil are forced to flee Ireland after Tom becomes implicated in the burning of an Anglo-Irish nobleman's house. Ethel Parks (played by Amy Nuttall) was the new maid introduced in the second series as Gwen's replacement. Miss Baxter refuses to inform Bates that, as a convicted criminal herself, she had to speak honestly to avoid another prison sentence. It was a decision that both of them would regret later. Whilst Anna is pregnant, Bates continues to attempt selling his mother's house in London as well as purchasing a house in the north. When Lady Rose returns to Downton, having had a child of her own, and asks when the baby is due, Anna reveals that she is about ten days away from her due date. After the war ends he covers for Carson when he falls ill with Spanish influenza, only to accidentally become drunk while tasting the wine for dinner. Lord Grantham bursts into Lady Anstruther's room to sound the alarm and discovers her with Jimmy. By the end of the final series, Robert's worsening health forces him to step down from running the estate, leaving the task to Tom and Mary. Edith struggles with revealing the truth about Marigold to Bertie before accepting him. Mary is concerned that the royal staff is running roughshod over Barrow. She declines. 173 likes. When it is revealed the new valet, Henry Lang, had shell shock, she was uncharacteristically sympathetic towards him and it was revealed that her own brother suffered from it due to the War. Thomas tells Jimmy to run, while Thomas is left to take the beating in Jimmy's place. He is one of the few people who is prepared to speak frankly to her, and is prepared to leave Downton Abbey to join her at Haxby when she is engaged to Sir Richard Carlisle. [3] She becomes fiercely political and desires to break free from the social restrictions of the times. She is one of the few servants who smoke on a regular basis. The Dowager Countess's Lady's Maid Gladys Denker takes advantage of him to go out drinking, but Thomas Barrow comes to his rescue, teaching Denker a lesson in the process. Carson quickly steps forward to comfort her, and assures her she will always find a source of support in him. Carson is mortified when he suffers severe chest pains while serving the family dinner and as a consequence is forced to accept help from the female staff. 1891) is the eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham and arguably the centre of interest of all the family story arcs in the series. Under English law, her status as a lunatic cannot be used as grounds for divorce because she is neither the guilty nor innocent party. William had three brothers and a sister but all died at or shortly after birth, leaving him as the only child. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hughes is watching her suspicously, especially after Tom begins to feel uneasy about moving upstairs. Anna reveals that she's already pregnant again. After Thomas excels in the match, Lord Grantham decides to keep him on in the new position of under-butler, much to Bates' consternation since Barrow now nominally outranks him. Bates goes with her, and it is thought that his romance with Anna is over. He leaves Downton, telling Carson in a letter that he has confessed to murdering Green in order to have Anna freed. Mr Mason gave some books to Andy, and he reveals to Thomas that he can write no more than his own name; Thomas offers to teach him to read and write. In series four, the staff at Downton Abbey receive a letter from Gwen where she tells them she is married. Known for its extravagant set, charming characters and stellar ensemble cast, the series became a cultural. However, in episode 4 she begins to suffer severe cramps and fears she is suffering another miscarriage. He runs after the car and orders Bates to get out, telling him to get back inside and that nothing more would be said about him leaving. Edith learns that he suffered a debilitating injury to his arm serving in the First World War, hence his refusal. Major Gordon then claims to be Patrick Crawley, the first cousin once removed of the Earl who perished with his father James Crawley in the sinking of the Titanic (neither of their bodies were recovered). Madeleine Allsopp. His mother died of illness towards the end of the first series. She is one of Anna's closest allies, being the first person who helps her in the aftermath of Mr Green's attack. When Elsie turns his proposal down he later married Ivy (died 1910) and had one son Peter, who joined the army. She replaced another maid named Ethel Parks, who had been sacked after being caught with a soldier while Downton Abbey was a convalescent home for war wounded soldiers. She is the daughter of London solicitor Reggie Swire, to whom she has been very close ever since her mother's death during her early childhood. He seems to be taken aback by her behaviour, but responds in a polite way to her forwardness. She also speaks frankly about her employers when she and Mr Carson are alone; she enjoys seeing the Dowager Countess (whom she calls "the old bat") getting her comeuppance with the arrival of Isobel Crawley. In series 6 only credited with the main cast in "The Finale". She has proven to be ambitious in moving above her social station. At the beginning of series six Anna is in a dark place as the case of Green's death lingers over her and Bates as she's still out on bail. He eventually takes a position in a smaller household, but when Carson develops an illness, Barrow is invited back to Downton to become the new butler. During the First World War, Sybil serves as an auxiliary nurse and develops feelings for Tom Branson, the family's chauffeur and a staunch Irish nationalist. Downton Abbey (TV Series 2010-2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Cora tells Robert the whole story when he asks if there is another reason for Mary staying with Carlisle when she obviously does not like him. She only gets truly emotional when her plans are foiled. 1886) is lady's maid to Lady Mary at Downton Abbey; previously she was first parlour maid and head housemaid. She is employed in Crawley house by Isobel and Mrs Patmore teaches her to cook, despite Mrs Bird leaving her post. After the death of the heir to the estate and her unofficial fianc, Mary's relationship with the new heir, distant cousin Matthew Crawley, begins coldly due to their different upbringing. Her child by him, a daughter named Marigold, was at first given to a family in Switzerland, where she gave birth. [6] Maureen Ryan of the Huffington Post stated that she believed Matthew's death was beneficial to the story as his storylines had grown repetitive.[7]. Mary offers to take Anna to London, paying for her to visit Dr Ryder, the doctor that had treated Mary for problems when she had trouble conceiving a child with Matthew. This makes Bertie, as the nearest male heir, the new Marquess of Hexham. The Princess Mary, Viscountess Lascelles (Kate Phillips) is the only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary. As the heir to the Downton Abbey estate, Robert Crawley married Cora Levinson - a young, forward-thinking American, partly at the will of his father who wanted to . She maintains a quarrelsome rivalry with Violet, the Dowager Countess, but this eventually develops into a genuine friendship, especially after Isobel is grief-stricken by Matthew's unexpected death and Violet's brief illness. In 1913, three years after Ivy dies and his son joins the army, Joe comes to Downton and asks Elsie to marry him, but once again she refuses him, even though she has previously expressed doubts about choosing a life of service over having a husband and family. Series six deals with Carson's and Hughes' marriage and life as a married couple. In the first film, set in 1927, Marigold is four or five years old and has returned to Downton with her mother and stepfather for the royal visit. Bates is freed, and the reunited married couple move into a cottage on the grounds shortly thereafter. With the possibility of Alfred leaving to pursue his dreams of being a chef, Mr Carson offers Molesley a job as second footman if Alfred leaves. She appeared in the 2009 comedy film Lesbian Vampire Killers. Martha Levinson (played by Shirley MacLaine) is Cora's brash, outspoken, and wealthy American mother. Isobel Grey (formerly Crawley, ne Turnbull), Lady Merton (played by Penelope Wilton) is Matthew's widowed mother. This section is for listing events that take place prior to the beginning of the series. Considering Charlie's future, she gives him to Mr and Mrs Bryant. By 1923 he has taken a keen interest in Isobel, whom he meets again at a ball at Grantham House. Lady Rosamund Painswick (ne Crawley) (played by Samantha Bond) is Robert's widowed sister who lives on her own in London. She is baptised as a Catholic in accordance with her father's wishes, despite her grandfather Robert's strong preference that she be christened into the Anglican faith. Jimmy Kent (played by Ed Speleers) was one of two new footmen introduced in series three, after the end of World War I. 1868), usually called Lady Grantham, is the wife of Robert and mother of Mary, Edith and Sybil. Daisy 'guides' Mrs Patmore into suggesting to Mason that he would be welcome in her cottage, and that it would be best for all concerned. The younger Crawleys often use Rosamund's home at 35 Belgrave Square as a place to stay when visiting London, on which occasions Rosamund takes the opportunity to catch up on family gossip. However both Molesley and Baxter investigate Bates's confession and find the pub he claims he was at in York the day Green died, and a witness confirms Bates was indeed in York. In episode 2, Bates discovers Anna yet again upset, after having told Lady Mary about her pregnancy problems. Lady Sybil quickly befriends Gwen and tries to help her get a job as a secretary. Mason, still enamored with Mrs Patmore, agrees to surrender the farm lease to Daisy and Andy and go to live with her. He addresses her when the Prince of Wales mentions that her father, Lord Flintshire, hosted the prince's tour of India. His son Larry, who was once keen on Sybil, treats her husband Tom with rudeness and disrespect. Lord Grantham sends Thomas after Lady Edith, and Thomas can only watch in horror, unable to protect Jimmy this one last time. In episode 2, without his knowledge, Anna visits Dr Ryder in London, who offers to perform a cervical stitch to rectify the problem with her carrying a child to term, but she must become pregnant again first. Later, having returned to Grantham House, Mrs Hughes interrupts Anna and Lady Mary and informs them that Vyner has returned and has come to arrest her. Specifically, the new housemaid, Edna. He has never condemned Mary for any of her more questionable actions, and Mrs Hughes once remarks that "Mr Carson would forgive (Lady Mary) if (she) attacked him with a brick.". Ethel, however, would not be allowed contact, learning that Charlie will be told that his father died during the war and his mother died of Spanish flu. Before the war, he worked for Lady Anstruther and was her favourite footman. At the end of the series five Christmas special, Carson has purchased a house and added both his and Mrs Hughes's names to the registry, with the intention of asking Mrs Hughes to marry him; she accepts. [20] Finneran herself confirmed this.[21]. During the Christmas episode, Bates visits Anna in prison where she reveals that a secret from her past could compromise any character witness statement the Crawleys make in her favour. In the last episode of series one, O'Brien comes to believe that Cora is going to replace her. Carlisle leaves the morning before the Servants' Ball, but not before revealing that he did genuinely love her. Nellie Melba (Kiri Te Kanawa) gives an operatic performance at the Abbey in 1922, where Cora intervenes to ensure she is treated as a guest of the family rather than a member of staff. Prince Albert, Duke of York (Jonathan Townsend), the future King George VI, is present at Rose's debutante ball. He dies hours later. They wear brown shirts and go around preaching the most horrible things," as Edith later tells her aunt. "[12] Emily Orley, also of Buzzfeed, argued that the storyline of the rape of Anna had too much focus on the male characters.[13]. Lady Mary prepares a room for Anna and her husband in the main house so they can spend their wedding night together. how to fix my zyliss can opener, martha stewart almond wedding cake recipe,